Erotically Charged Romance

Dubai Nights


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Three weeks. That’s how long Julie has been forced to listen to her one-time playmate Chris and his new partner Ian having sizzling sex through the painfully thin walls of their Dubai hotel. She wants nothing more than to crawl into bed with them.

And after all, they have invited her to join in with their fun and games. Julie’s ready to take them up on the offer—if she can just work out a way to keep them in her bed but out of her heart.

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Copyright © 2012 Emily Cale

All rights reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.

“Plans for today?” Chris asked as he slid into one of the chairs at the kitchen table. Amazing how he always managed to look well rested even when he’d been up half the night. I’d been awake for several hours, trying to talk myself out of my plans for the day. The bit of sleep I did get wasn’t enough to prevent dark circles from forming beneath my eyes.

Yes, I’d like to get you and your boyfriend into bed with me. “Not really. I might do a little shopping. I have a long list of things I’m supposed to bring back to people and I haven’t bought a single one so far.” I could just ask him. His previous offer likely still stood. Besides, I trusted Chris to tell me the truth if I overstepped some invisible boundary without causing any weirdness.

At least on his part. There was every chance I’d die of embarrassment, if not immediately then a few hours later when he told Ian.

And I’d still have to live with them for another week. Seven days filled with awkward silence and stilted attempts to make us all feel more comfortable. That sounded like tons of fun. Maybe after that we could all go and stab ourselves in the eye with a knife. Or even a sharp pencil.

“Sounds like a good plan. Any chance you want some company? We were talking about hunting down some artwork last night. You’re always welcome to come along for the ride.” He picked at the fruit on his plate. The flat the company rented came with a cook who delivered two meals a day. Breakfast typically consisted of whatever fruit was in season set out on the table with little baskets over the top so the bugs couldn’t get to it.

Thankful that I hadn’t been chewing when he asked, I tried to come up with a good excuse not to join them. Not because I wasn’t interested in the excursion but because I couldn’t imagine spending the day with them. Not if I got up the courage to ask. Actually, it might be worse if I didn’t ask. Then I’d spend the whole time trying to find an opening in the conversation.

“Art isn’t really my thing. Besides, I have specific places I need to hit and I don’t want to slow you guys down.” I leaned in and tried to focus on my banana slices. Come on, Julie, you can do this. Not asking was worse than listening to them at night. Besides, I’d always been curious, just never had the opportunity to experiment. This was my chance. If I was going to test it out, I had to do it today. Who knew when the chance might show up again? Based on previous experience, I’d guess never.

“Alright, well you still have to eat. I think Ian and I are going to go get pizza for lunch. I know you have all sort of rules about these things, but I thought I’d extend an invitation anyway. It’s no fun to eat alone and you’re always welcome to join us.”

I couldn’t take it anymore. If I didn’t say something, I’d explode. “I want to join you.” I spit the words out before I could second guess my intentions. If he said no I could spend the rest of the day out shopping and avoid them for as long as it took to get over my humiliation. If he said yes…well, I couldn’t think about that right now. I’d fluctuated between being turned on and scared out of my mind all morning. My body couldn’t take much more of it.

“For pizza? Seriously? What happened to your rule about not going to American restaurants while abroad?” Why couldn’t he simply read my mind? It’d make everything a whole lot easier. Having to spell it out for him was more embarrassing that actually asking. This reached a level of mortification I wouldn’t have thought possible.

It would be so easy to back out at this point. I could go out with them, enjoy some knockoff pizza and pretend I’d never even considered having a threesome. I couldn’t though. Not when it’d taken half the night and all morning for me to get up the courage to say the words. I might never get another shot. “Not for lunch.” He cocked his head to the side and squinted his eyes at me. Why does he have to make this so goddamn difficult? “Tonight.” I cleared my throat. “In bed.”