Erotically Charged Romance

Love Letters Volume 6: Cowboy’s Command

These men know how to ride! Meet red-hot ranchers and captivating cowboys in five new short stories in Love Letters Volume 6: Cowboy’s Command.

1013_CARINA_9781426896514_LoveLetters06 (2)V Is for Vindicated by Maggie Wells
Barrel-racing queen Michelle Kelly likes to ride wild–but her old flame Cole Powell might have what it takes to rope the woman he loves once and for all.

W Is for Wanted by Ginny Glass
When Samuel Thrasher is forced to return to his family’s ranch, he doesn’t want to revisit his past…except when it comes to Merrit Hightower, who’s definitely not the innocent girl he left behind!

X Is for XXX Ranch by Maggie Wells and Emily Cale
Jane Richardson is stunned to discover that the property she’s inherited isn’t the working ranch she imagined. Handsome neighbor Clive Boland offers to buy the XXX Ranch–and proposes more than just a business deal.

Y Is for Yearning by Christina Thacher
Cowboy Ben Hastings is everything Diana wants in a man. He may be quiet, but their passion between the sheets is anything but. Yet making a place for her in his bed and life may be a challenge…

Z Is for Zeal by Emily Cale
Rancher Aaron Lyons hates when tourists take over his local bar during rodeo week–until he meets Nathan Howell, and their encounter turns into a one-night stand neither of them will forget.


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Copyright © 2013 Emily Cale

Heart pounding like a kettledrum, Michelle pitched her weight forward, changing her angle as she raced for the finish. Staccato breaths burst from parched lips as she tightened her thigh muscles and leaned in close. She left all thoughts of style and finesse in her dust, and gave voice to the tiny grunts of encouragement she could no longer hold back.

“Yes, yes, yes!”

She slapped at the stopwatch strapped to her bicep and pulled up on the reins, her chest heaving in time with her horse’s blustering exhalations. “Attagirl.” She gave the mare’s neck a distracted pat as they slowed to a trot. Her smile faded as she raised her arm and checked the digital display. A flash of white tugged at her attention and her gaze narrowed as she scanned the deserted paddock, but her mind lingered on the clock she kept trying to beat. “Just a little more. I need you to give me just a little more, baby.”

With the barest flick of her wrist, she turned her mount toward the gaping barn door, determined to get one more practice run in with Sweetpea before calling it quits for the day.

“You can do this, baby.” Grimacing as they moved into the shadow cast by the barn, she fluttered her lashes, willing her pupils to adjust to the dim light a little quicker. “Fast and tight,” she reminded the mare.

Raising one hand she turned the spirited paint in a tight circle, her eyes fixed so intently on the barrels dotting the practice ring she didn’t see the cowboy lounging against the faded barn wall before he spoke.

“What the hell do you think you’re doin’, riding like a crazy woman?”

The husky rasp in his oh so familiar voice ripped her insides to shreds. Her fingers tightened convulsively on the reins, but before she could cover her shock with the sequin-bright smile she’d perfected, he pushed away from the wall and caught hold of the bridle.

Michelle stared at the sun-baked barrels, for one breathless second wishing she could make a break for them. Hell, she wished she could hide herself in one like a rodeo clown. But the stubborn bull of a man who haunted her dreams held tight, trapping her there with him. That is, if she let him.

Forcing the smile she wore each time she took a victory lap, she swung her leg up and dismounted. Her cheekbones creaked when the toe of her boot kicked a cloud of dirt onto his well-worn but spit-polished Lucchese boots. Her stomach turned a slow somersault as she let her eyes slide shut for the length of a heartbeat. A white-hot bolt of anger streaked through her like lightning. She could almost hear her hair crackle in the still twilight. Michelle ran a protective hand over the thick ponytail trailing down her back. She’d given Cole Powell her virginity and he’d broken her heart. She’d be damned if she let him give her split ends too.

Squaring her shoulders, she took off for the dimly lit interior of the barn, leaving him to follow with her horse. Like a stable boy. A grim smile curved her lips as she gave a passing thought to how far the golden boy of the Badlands Circuit had fallen. “Well, lookie what the barn cats drug in.”

“Dragged,” he corrected, brushing past her to lead Sweetpea into the stall.

She narrowed her eyes and nudged him aside, a smirk firmly in place as she busied herself with stripping tack. “You always were much so smarter than the rest of us. How did we ever survive without your guidance?”

The twitch of his lips made her wish the words back before they even settled around them. “I imagine you muddled through the same way I did without your smart mouth sassing me day and night.”