Erotically Charged Romance

Two is Twice as Nice



Cara must have been a very good girl this year, because Santa brought her the ultimate gift: two sexy men.


After a car accident last Christmas, Cara McCourt is left broken inside and out. Since then, no guy has bothered to give her the time of day. Just when she’s convinced that no man will ever be interested in her again, she bumps into Anthony while holiday shopping. Unsure at first, Cara is quickly wooed by the man who thinks she is beautiful—despite her disfigurement.


Uncertain if Anthony is too good to be true, she takes a chance, only to find out he’s been keeping a secret: His twin brother, Devon. Too late, Cara is drawn into their games. Will her wounded soul survive their deceit or did Santa actually bring her the ultimate gift: two men of her own?

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Copyright © 2010 Emily Cale

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“Why are you sitting so far away from me?” He patted the space on the couch between them. “I know you have a wonderfully large couch, but I was kind of hoping you would at least sit close enough for me to put my arm around you.”

The lump in her throat kept her from speaking; instead, she slid down the couch to his open arm. As soon as she was near him, he pulled her toward him. The heat from his body engulfed her, running through her veins until every inch of her skin tingled.

Between his fingers dancing over her knee and the sensation of his hip pressing against hers, it took every bit of effort she could muster to pretend to be watching the movie, let alone actually know what was going on. Leaning forward, she placed her mug down on the coffee table. The alcohol in it had sufficiently warmed her insides, and she was afraid if she kept drinking, her judgment might be compromised. Of course, one look at his dimples and her sanity would leave her, and a little impaired reaction would lead to a morning of regret.