Erotically Charged Romance

Under Wraps

UW_LGFor once, Dr. Aaron Prentiss’ life is coming together. The arrival of a perfectly preserved mummy in his lab guarantees him tenure and a gorgeous woman is showing interest in him. Still, something seems out of place, mainly his mummy. Aaron doesn’t
believe in curses, but even he has his suspicions.

For Adriel, the time to convince Aaron that curses exist is short. Once every hundred years she gets a three day window to try and break free of her mummified body. She knows that Dr. Prentiss can solve the mystery, but can she convince him before time runs out?

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Copyright © 2010 Emily Cale

All rights reserved, Evernight Publishing

He wasn’t the only one turning to look. Every guy in the place had his gaze fixed on the woman standing at the door. It wasn’t hard to figure out why. Her gold, floor length dress had a slit that rose all the way to her hip bone. Each time she took a step, the fabric glided past her thigh, showing off her deep tan skin. Long, jet black hair followed her as she walked across the room.

“She’s coming over here.”Matt pulled at his shirt and used his fingers to comb his wavy blond hair behind his ear. Aaron just shook his head. The longish hair was left over from when Matt lived in California and went surfing every day. Even though he now lived a thousand miles from the nearest ocean, he still refused to cut it. Whatever special something he thought it gave him was working. She was headed straight for their table.

“Can I join you?” She stopped in front of Aaron. Looking up at her, his eyes focused on her ruby lips. His mouth went dry. Kissing her was the only thing on his mind.

“Of course.” Matt saved him and was pulling a third chair over from a nearby vacant table. She smiled politely as she took the seat. “Can I buy you a drink?” His hand was already in the air calling their waitress over.

“No.” Her attention was focused on Aaron, black eyes glowing intensely as she stared at him. Everything about her felt almost familiar, like a dream he couldn’t quite remember. Whatever it was, it certainly wasn’t going to come to him while her hand was resting on his knee.

“So, what is it that you do?” she asked, sliding her hand a little further up his thigh.

“I’m an anthropology professor,” he answered quickly, hoping his fast breathing wasn’t apparent.

“That sounds fascinating.” She reached up and fingered the red stone hanging around her neck.

“I’m a research biologist,” Matt interrupted.

Gaze still focused on Aaron, she asked, “what are you working on right now?”

“I just got the most amazing mummy from Chile in my lab.” Pain spread through his body from the point on his shin where Matt kicked him. Glaring, he lifted his hand from the table in an attempt to silently ask Matt what the hell he was doing.

“You know, mummies are fascinating, but the research we are doing in my lab will someday help to cure cancer.” Matt was trying to inch his chair closer to her, but the shrill noise it made scraping across the floor kept drawing attention to him.

She cocked her head to one side. “I think mummies are fascinating.” Still climbing higher up his thigh, her hand was now a few inches from his crotch. Normally, controlling himself wasn’t a big deal, but for some reason, the heat and energy coming from her hand made his head feel foggy. He shifted in his chair, trying to hide his growing erection.

“Really? A lot of people think they are scary, but I feel like they give us a glimpse into what it was like to be human at another point in time.” He fought the twitches at the ends of his mouth threatening to put a big, dumb grin on his face. Women usually left at this point, but she seemed genuinely interested.

“Did I mention my lab might cure cancer? Childhood cancer.” He emphasized the last sentence. It was a lame attempt to get her attention, but Aaron knew why he was doing it. Her dark hair fell over her shoulder as she leaned forward, drawing attention to cleavage.

Aaron cleared his throat. “So, what’s your name?”

“Adriel.” She straightened her back, thrusting her chest out. He tried not to look, but her swollen bosom was too much to ignore.

“I’m Aaron.”

“And I’m Matt.” For a moment, he’d almost forgotten Matt was at their table. Usually Aaron stood by and watched his friend talk up women, so he understood the loneliness. He almost felt bad for him. Almost. She brushed her long, dark hair over her shoulder and leaned toward him till her lips grazed the edge of his ear.

“Can we go somewhere a little more private?” she whispered.

His answer was a big, fat yes, but his lips wouldn’t form the word. Instead, he let his enthusiastic head shaking do the talking. Grabbing his coat, he raised his eyebrows at his friend and followed Adriel as she led him out of the bar.

“Where exactly are we going?” She took charge and pulled him down the street. Still struggling to pull his free arm through the sleeve of his jacket, he used the free fabric to try and hide the obvious stretching around his groin. “My place isn’t too far from here, if you are looking for somewhere to go, but it’s back that direction,” he said, pointing.

She cocked her head, looking back toward him. “Scared of where I might be taking you?” The dim lights on the street allowed him to get a glimpse at the smile on her face.