Erotically Charged Romance


Every Picture Tells a Story

There’s a picture in one of my desk drawers. Four 18 year old girls on the day of their high school graduation. At that moment, they are best friends, pretend sisters, and each other’s whole world. You’d never convince a single one of them that they had anything to lose. They grew up in a small town with few rules. They were good kids with 4.0s and...

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It’s Not Always Pretty

Dear Friends- Sometimes I get the feeling that you think all this *motions to blog* is easy. Maybe that is my fault. See, in real life I tell you about the new contracts, shiny covers, and release days. I never tell you about all the stuff that goes into getting those things. Mostly, I do this so you don’t think I’m super crazy (which I am).  Having two...

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Advice I Wish I was Given

I don’t usually give advice. Mostly, this is because I suck at it and I tend to take the hard road to get everywhere in life. If you really want to know how to do it, please ask someone who didn’t get lost nine times on their way to the store. Of course, there are a few moments in life when I actually have to. One of those was last night. For the past...

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What Not To Do When You Are on Submission: Phone by the Bed

I have two manuscripts (soon to be three) out on submission at the moment. In general, this means that I get jumpy whenever my phone buzzes to tell me that I have a new email (which happens a lot). A couple nights ago, I made a major mistake and left my phone on the nightstand. My night went a little like this: 12:17AM: Phone buzzes on side table and wakes me up. I...

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Just Say No to Head Hopping

I’ve read two published books lately where head hopping has been a major problem. In romance, we typically write from two different point of views: the hero and the heroine. I have one novella that was only from the heroine’s POV, but I had good reason for this. Switching would have given too much story away (BTW, I have been slapped on the wrist for...

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No Right Way

I have a number of books on my shelf that are supposed to teach you how to write. They are chock full of useful tips that I hear numerous authors repeat on an almost weekly basis (well, actually I don’t hear them, but rather read them). Recently, I was reading an article (that I can’t find anymore) about advice from the big names like Nora Roberts and...

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