Erotically Charged Romance



Last night I managed to pull my lazy self out of bed and walk over to my laptop (yes, it is a laptop and I probably could have just used it in bed) to validate my Camp NaNoWriMo winning! While my goal was only 35,000 words, I am still pretty proud of my success. It was a rough month getting back on my feet and getting some projects started/finished/moved forward,...

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Just Say No to Head Hopping

I’ve read two published books lately where head hopping has been a major problem. In romance, we typically write from two different point of views: the hero and the heroine. I have one novella that was only from the heroine’s POV, but I had good reason for this. Switching would have given too much story away (BTW, I have been slapped on the wrist for...

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It’s Just Publishing

I was recently on the phone with one of my friends from college. We don’t get to talk much anymore because our busy schedules and time differences make connecting difficult. So, the conversations we do have tend to be long. This last time, we were laughing over the creative writing classes we took in college, and she mentioned that she had this short piece...

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Romance is a Category

In case you missed it, Danielle Steel said in an interview that she does not write romance novels. Excuse me? Now, she isn’t my favorite author, but I’ve read one or two of her books, and I’m pretty sure she does. I’m not an expert or anything, but I do read a lot of books that are categorized as romance, and I think I have a pretty good idea...

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No Right Way

I have a number of books on my shelf that are supposed to teach you how to write. They are chock full of useful tips that I hear numerous authors repeat on an almost weekly basis (well, actually I don’t hear them, but rather read them). Recently, I was reading an article (that I can’t find anymore) about advice from the big names like Nora Roberts and...

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The Year There Almost Wasn’t a Musical

My high school puts on a musical every year and it was always one of my favorite activities. I was far too scared to try out to be in the cast, but I played in the orchestra every year. My senior year, we did Bye, Bye Birdie. It was a lot of fun, but the final performance almost didn’t happen. See, it was the year the musical was cursed. There were a lot of...

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