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I like the sound they make as they whoosh by…

By on Jun 2, 2010 in deadlines, writing | 79 comments

Short post as I have a ton of editing that I must finish by Friday. That is a self-imposed deadline. Of course, right now I have no one to answer to but myself. If it takes me an extra week of editing before I can query, then it takes me an extra week. No one is going to punish me, no one is going to scold me, and to be honest, no one is going to care. But, I work best on deadlines.

I can waste time better than anyone. Hours disappear to TV, internet, and general nothingness. If I set deadlines, then I am likely to stick with something and get it done. For me, making myself deadlines keeps me honest. If I decide I’m going to write 10K this week and only make 5K, then I have to think about why. Was it because I was writing difficult scenes that required a lot of research or was it because I was watching Castle reruns? The first is a good reason. The second, well….not so much.

Once you have a publisher, you have to work on deadlines. Edits have to be back by a certain date and new manuscripts have to be delivered on time. Setting your own ahead of time can certainly help make the transition a little easier.

Oh, and because it is hump day…