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Interview with Erin Pryor

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I’m happy to welcome Erin Pryor to my blog to talk about her new release, Secrets in Time.

First, the blurb:

Secrets in Time eBook Cover

Her best friend found love in the fourteenth century, but Jessica lost hope in finding it in either the past or her time, until a trip back to the wilds of Scotland opened her eyes to what lay in front of her. 

Jessica Fisher is staying in style as a guest of one of the most eligible bachelors of Scotland. She’s the only one who knows he’s actually from the 14th century. When she finds out her friend Cadence’s family is in peril back in the 14th century, Jessica will do anything to get back and ensure her friend has her happily ever after. 

Collin Kincaid, six years into his stay in the 21st century, found an architect to draft plans for the renovation of his 14th century ancestral home. He never thought the lead architect would fall in love with his twin brother in the 14th century. His new sister-in-law’s friend, and business partner, Jessica stays on to see the restoration completed. He’s not prepared for the huge pull he feels from her. When she puts her foot down to go back and rescue his twin brother and new sister-in-law from a fate worse than death, his chivalry won’t let her go alone, no matter how much he is torn about changing the past. 

Together, they go back in time to try and save Nicholas and Cadence’s future family from peril only to be caught up in a web of treachery themselves. Will they be able to save their friends without putting the future, or their own hearts, in jeopardy?

We’ll start with some easy questions:

  1. Dogs or Cats? – Both! I have one of each. Snickers is our 1 year old Yorkie. Daisy is our 8 year old cat
  2. Coffee or Tea? – Again, Both!! I really love my coffee, but I love tea from Teavana just as much.
  3. Summer or Winter? – Really? Do I really have to decide? I really enjoy the warmth and sunniness of Summer, but I love it when it snows in the winter as well.

Those were too easy, how about some more difficult ones?

Where do you find your inspiration?

I am absolutely obsessed with anything medieval. It intrigues me. I always wonder “what if” in reference to travelling back in time. If I could, I would, even for one day, to experience it all and take it all in. I can’t afford it, but if I ever can, I plan on acquiring as many antiques to furnish my home as I can, to take me back to a place in my everyday living that can’t be obtained.

If a reader was going to pick one of your stories to start with, which one should they read and why?

My newest release, Secrets in Time. I do have another, Pillars in Time, but I’m waiting to get the rights back to it in February to revamp it.

Do you have a pet peeve when you are reading another author’s work?

Overuse of a thesaurus worthy word, repeatedly. I can’t stand overuse of words.

Are you a pantser or a plotter?

Half and half. I plot out the entire book by plotting each chapter out on a full page. Then, I use it as a guideline to write the whole chapter. A lot of times I throw things into the chapter that I never thought of.

What would your main character say about you?

That I’m crazy, but it comes with the territory. I’m Bipolar 1 and suffer from severe OCD, Anxiety, and Depression. In other words, I’m a hot mess.

What makes this book special?

I really feel like I poured my heart into the emotions of this book. My characters face trials, and you can see their development as individuals on the journey they take, both as their own person, and as one unit.

What’s your favorite of the books you’ve written?

I really loved both of my published books, Pillars in Time, and Secrets in Time.

Who is your favorite author and why?

Lynn Kurland. She knows exactly how to have a character arch and I love her time travel romances. Her writing is what inspired me in becoming my own published author.

What are your hobbies (reading and writing don’t count)? Do they ever make an appearance in your stories?

I took Architectural Drafting in High School for a few years and it inspired Cadence’s occupation in Pillars in Time. I also love figure skating – though that has yet to make an appearance in any of my books.

Does your family know what you write?

Yes, and they’re all very supportive. I love that I can count on my family members to read and love what I put so much time and energy into.

If you could choose any other profession, what would you be?

Architect or Archeologist. I love drawing buildings and mapping out how they look. I guess it’s like mapping out a story. Everything has its place, and a house cannot function without the necessities, not unlike a book. Archeologist because I love all things old, and I would love to be at the ground floor upon a discovery at a castle.

Did you want to be an author as a kid? If not, what did you want to be?

No. I actually didn’t start reading until I was in 6th grade. Of course, I picked big books to read. I was never into the chapter books that my children are into now. I even remember when I first began my reading journey, I used to fall asleep a lot. Now, a good book will keep me up until the wee hours of the morning. But, to answer your question, I wanted to become a Vet. I wanted to help animals because they can’t help themselves. I absolutely adore my Yorkie, Snickers, and my cat, Daisy.

What exotic locale would you most like to visit?

I absolutely love Hawaii. If I could chose anywhere in the world, I would go to England, Scotland, and Ireland. My heart is there. But as far as exotic, I love Hawaii. There is something very calming about being there, and the days seem to last forever.


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Thanks so much for stopping by, Erin. Be sure to check out Secrets in Time.