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No Right Way

By on Sep 21, 2010 in advice, writing | 11 comments

I have a number of books on my shelf that are supposed to teach you how to write. They are chock full of useful tips that I hear numerous authors repeat on an almost weekly basis (well, actually I don’t hear them, but rather read them). Recently, I was reading an article (that I can’t find anymore) about advice from the big names like Nora Roberts and Steven King. The usual stuff about writing every day no matter what was touted as the big thing to do. The problem is, writing every day doesn’t work for everyone.

I will admit to not writing every single day. Sometimes, like this past week, I don’t write for days at a time. It might be because I have edits (which I do) or because school is crazy (which it is) or because I’m waiting for my brain to figure out a plot problem. If you aren’t writing because you don’t have any ideas, then maybe you need to get your ass in the chair and find a prompt to work off for a little while, but generally speaking, it is fine to take a break.
Lots of authors I know don’t manage to sit down and crank out a thousand or more words a day. In fact, most have day jobs that require a lot of their attention. Even more have families that are demanding (and should be) on their time. What these people have in common is that at some point, they make time to write. Maybe not every day, but at some point.
Moral of the post: There is not a right way to write. Do what works for you.
Do you write everyday?