Erotically Charged Romance


By on Aug 1, 2014 in writing |


Last night I managed to pull my lazy self out of bed and walk over to my laptop (yes, it is a laptop and I probably could have just used it in bed) to validate my Camp NaNoWriMo winning! While my goal was only 35,000 words, I am still pretty proud of my success. It was a rough month getting back on my feet and getting some projects started/finished/moved forward, but I am super happy. Many thanks to my whole cabin, including Gazelles on Crack, Maggie Wells, Sara Brookes and Lisa Fox for making me work hard and get some stuff done.

Now, I’ll be packing up the bunk and retiring my bug spray for the summer. Fortunately, that means I can instead write from my air conditioned bedroom. Probably while drinking either a margarita or some wine.